The new build requires an entire process development, consisting of several specialties and requirements. Before any acquisition of a plot or land to do a new build, you should inquire about the limits and gross areas is possible to be erected, as this also derives the value that this land has. In other words, the new construction needs to consider the number of floors that can be built, the maximum construction areas, sun exposure, accessibility, among other aspects—are the characteristics that determine the commercial value of the land.

The viability of construction is a determining factor to realize the potential of the land. In new construction, it is common to submit a request for a Pre-Planning permission (what we call the Pedido de Informação Prévia) to the City Council, even before submitting the application for a building permit (either done by the Licenciamento or done by the Comunicação Prévia), however it shall be done a consultation of the territorial management instruments, especially the PDM of the local authorities related to the location of the plot. Only where we will be in a position to frame the conditions and classifications of the plan.

So with the PIP, we manage to have a more expeditious response from the City Council about the new construction the Client intend to build. The advantage is that the investor has clear information about the building capacity for that land, and even sometimes even before becoming the owner of the plot. Then, the application for a construction license will be a more simplified process, although necessary, where the City Council for one year is bound by the PIP's opinion for the presentation of licensing under the assumptions previously presented.

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By definition, the new build is the building that does not work on pre-existences, but starts the process on a flat board, being the first intervention in that place/plot. From this point of view, there will be no conventional color drawings, which are important in alteration projects over the existing one. Nor will an architectural survey of the existing one be necessary. We can then say that there will be less conditioning.

The topographic survey of the land is an initial and mandatory step, which will have to include the surroundings in about at least 10m so that it can be with the write information to start a project that will fit with the contiguous limits.

However, at the beginning of a new construction project, there are aspects to consider when building and legal framework to comply with. We are facing the possibility of reaching high levels of acoustic comfort and thermal efficiency, promoting greater energy savings, including innovative technology solutions, such as home automation.


The application for a new construction license is not suitable for all terrains and contexts. The way to frame the new construction is at the moment zero, that is, without initial interventions in place. In contexts of urban consolidation, in historic centers, in areas and classified properties, new construction is usually not an option (except for some moments when it integrates a rehabilitation project with an extension, this being a new construction).


After receiving the approval of the planning submission of the new build, you can only start the execution of the works after requesting the building permit / admission title and after communicating the beginning of the works to the City Council. This communication must be made up to 5 days before starting, by completing a specific requirement.
To obtain the issuance of the construction permit, based on the new build areas there is the need to pay the municipal fees, for that you must consult the corresponding municipal regulations that determine the calculation of these values, these depend on each individual municipality. Remember that with the construction permit, you must affix the legal notice, duly completed, in a clearly visible area from the outside within 10 days, otherwise fines can be applied.

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