Bathroom renovations is an important point in your construction work / project. Its the result of a combination of civil construction works, plumbing, electricity, ventilation, waterproofing, coatings, finishes, sanitary equipment and necessary accessories. The integration of these features are essential, especially in a space that is normally small in size, so the compatibility of all factors is crucial, that is why the design process is important. If the renovation covers new coatings, consider replacing existing pipes, especially if you have had them for more than 15/20 years, as this may be jeopardizing the longevity of the current remodeling, and this work does not make it much more expensive.

For the layout of the bathroom, the distance between the different toilets should be considered from the sewer pipe and the floor siphon and also the spacing between the sanitary pieces themselves, something technical, but crucial for all the works to be correctly performed and with the right guarantee.


The bathrooms renovations finishes / materials and sanitary equipment available on the market are multiple and with a variety of brands. You can choose tiles, stones, appropriate paints or even microciment or other hand made finishes.

At the ceiling level, it is usual to apply suspended ceilings in water-resistant plasterboard and embed downlights that can highlight unique aspects of the space, with the combination of recessed light coves to illuminate the bathroom with an ambient light.

The bathroom renovation cabinets, most commonly connected to the wash hand basin, is a fundamental piece in the space as it incorporate the vanity unit, as it can enable the desired storage. Here the joinery plays an important role, as custom-made furniture adapted to your space makes all the difference. In the bathrooms renovations, the bespoke cabinets are a must, as space normally is very reduced, and the more clever storage, the better. Another subtle thing in remodeling of the bathroom is the replacement of bathtubs with shower trays, where the fluidity of the space and the transparency of the glass screens allows obtaining a modern and spacious room.

spacelovers also executes the design and construction of bathrooms adapted for people with reduced mobility and suggests the accessories that best meet the specific needs of its users.

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