Spacelovers presents as the trusted partner for house renovations, assuming itself as a reference company for interior renovations in Portugal. We are based in Lisbon and we are waiting for you!


Our 'clinical look' for real estate does not allow us to proceed with a work without a script, which is translated into the development of a project with the planning of the works, being altogether that script. In construction and especially in home remodeling and building renovations, or in apartment remodeling, improvisation does not lead to good results.

Based on these assumptions, our work methodology requires the preparation of a preliminary project, with an initial cost for the Client, which prepares your work and makes all the difference to obtain the result you expect. This cost translates into certain during the renovations works and adds value to the property.

As we know, real estate investment means an important asset in people's lives, so we can work based on a defined budget, so the amount you will invest is transmitted to us and we develop the project on that basis. This situation facilitates the completion of the work at the end.

It is influential to understand that home remodeling does not only depend on wishes, but on realities and teamwork is the vehicle for success. That's why we remodel with you and for you.

Talk to us if you are seeking an exclusive home remodeling. We invite you to visit our website and discover a little more about us, as well as the works and projects already carried out.

Whether it is the transformation of a room, changing the colors of the walls, changing the lighting of the apartment, carrying out house renovations or apartment renovations, we are available to help you in the remodeling of your property in Portugal.



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Thinking about remodeling your house?

Surely, you're overwhelmed with doubts and, in fact, don't even know how to start?

Information for a complex topic such as home remodeling is dispersed and not always enlightening. It is important to find out if the works that you will carry out are works that require a license from the local entities, or if they are ok to perform without a building permit.

House remodeling is an intervention in a property distinct from reconstruction and rehabilitation. The latter correspond to more transformative and more complex works, from a technical, financial and temporal point of view. The remodeling of houses is simpler, it is a process that does not interfere with the structure and that, generally, can be framed in works without license. On the other hand, the reconstruction and rehabilitation of properties, foresees processes and projects, as they can integrate the alteration of the structure, increase of areas, alteration of typology, alteration of the roofs’ configuration and designs of facades.

In house renovations, there are often changes in the layout of the plans, but these changes can integrate licensing / prior communication processes or just license for use authorization.

Interior works that are new paintings, wallpaper, new floors and infrastructure modernization are simpler interventions to perform.


Do you know if your home remodel needs a project?

Book a meeting with us, email us or fill in the form. For more information about architectural services, licensing processes for building. For the development of home remodeling projects, you can contact us, we will define your work and present the value for the development of the necessary architectural services and/or engineering specialties.


House renovations Before and After


Our solutions for home remodeling interior works include an initial and detailed project, where we privilege the quality of the work, the durability of the materials and a careful study of the total intervention with analysis of the spaces.

If you decide to renovate your home, pay attention and check out different budgets, only then will you be able to find the proposal that best suits you. We remind you that to be able to effectively compare quotations, you will have to deliver to each contractor the same briefing, in this case the same project and quantity map.

A successful house renovations starts with a good preparation and working method.

Nothing better than carrying out a personalized project that guarantees the level of detail to execute on site. The look and contribution of our architects, both in the site works and, in the project, make all the difference in the result of the remodeling of houses. The countless possibilities that a space provides are often the magic of a home remodeling.

The valuation of a property goes far beyond the placement of a new floor or the mere painting of walls. Here, don't think just about the cost, but about the value it adds to the property. Hiring a team of experienced architects in the sector, adds value to your investment and is a guarantee of final quality and minimization of future problems and pathologies. It will also make your home remodeling a differentiated final product.



house renovations kitchen

house renovations



Keeping up with a house under construction is, most of the time, very difficult.

Living with a scenario of dust, rubble, furniture, and equipment out of place, the inevitable cut of water and electricity, are just a few points that we highlight in this home remodeling adventure. The lack of comfort will be such that you will regret having started the remodeling. If the house renovation is done this way, it is very likely that it will take longer to execute, since there is not so much control, and the pace of work is slower. Having that possibility, we recommend that you plan for the costs of the remodeling and also for temporary accommodation. By doing this, you don't get into 'burnout' during the work, if you insist on living in this environment.



Certainly, planning (project) is important for the execution of the works, but don't forget that the time to dedicate to its elaboration is also very important.

Hiring a professional is the right decision. It is essential to dedicate yourself to the project and give the clues of your needs so that the architect can give you the answers you are looking for with the remodeling of the house.

Estimating the cost of the works is also a significant stage. In carrying out a remodeling project, the realist vision of the homeowner is essential for the success of the project. It doesn't matter to have a lot of ambitions, if the execution capacity is low. It all depends on the extent of the works, the materials used, the integrated technologies and the specifications of the infrastructure and the furniture pieces (whether integrated or not) and decorative items chosen.

Home staging/point refurbishment: includes replacing carpets, painting walls or introducing wallpaper, replacing some furniture. Of course, the spec level is fundamental, but you can count on around €300 per m².

Partial renovation: includes the renovation of the kitchen or the remodeling of the bathroom, or of another room, and focuses on a specific compartment. For the kitchen and bathrooms, it can be around €2000 per m².

Total renovation: the total transformation house renovations with the alteration of the floor, windows, infrastructure, with the modification of plumbing, insulation. It can cost between €1,000 to €1,500 per m². We warn that these are reference values, which depend on the complexity of your work, location, risk, logistics which will may vary the costs.


Improving a home's appearance and functionality without having to do major renovations is virtually impossible.

There are different categories of works that can be carried out, to avoid deeper works, but the guarantee of a well-done remodeling is being able to identify the essential to change. That is why it is so crucial that the construction works are defined and described exhaustively—so home renovation contractors can just follow on site. As the guide for the house renovations work is created in advance — for a detailed remodeling project, any construction professional can execute, just following the project.

The project steps specified and approved in advance, which ensures that the work planning is naturally and without interruptions. House renovations should be seen as a global process and with technical requirements to be met, so you should take this into account when deciding to hire a construction company.

One of the big differences for other companies is that the Client can look for other contractors for himself, in a system of free choice, and choose what is most convenient for him. In home remodeling, the ability to have the guiding thread defined is a must and the plus is to ensure that the execution is carried out with the quality and demand for the design team.

In other words, spacelovers really wants to do the house renovations works, but understands that the market comparison can make sense for some Clients, so with us, you have that total freedom. It is still cheaper to remodel or build a new house, but prices are quite rising—so checking the market is always a good idea. Either case, we are fully available to provide the construction monitoring service.

With this service, it reduces the complexity and unpredictability that can occur in the works of remodeling houses, interior and exterior works, guaranteeing the execution according to what was initially designed and agreed with the homeowner.


Any property transformation is always a challenge for spacelovers.

The process of creativity in a home remodeling with the reading of existing spaces is a guarantee in improving the experience. House renovations is an important decision in your life, it enhances a quality of life, but it messes with family dynamics and often requires you to leave your home temporarily.

The ability to anticipate the final result, ensure that this leap from Before and After is a success. This is possible due to prior planning, to the space planning developed, to a remodeling strategy that only an architect will be able to deliver.






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  • Profissionalismo, simpatia, e atenção ao detalhe. Muito obrigada Sofia!

  • Pedi ajuda para resolver um embargo de obra de remodelação em Lisboa. Excelente profissionalismo, capacidade de coordenação com as diversas àreas de engenharia civil, atenção ao detalhe, e impecável tempo de resposta durante todo o processo. São uma ajuda preciosa para navegar as complexidades técnicas (e burocráticas) do Urbanismo Lisboeta (e outros?).

  • We are working with spacelovers to renovate parts of a newly purchased apartment in Lisbon and have had a terrific experience so far. Rui Rabaca has been a joy to work with on the design. He has been so helpful, flexible and accommodating to our preferences, as well as providing invaluable explanation and support for us as non-Portuguese speakers who are new to Lisbon. We love the concept design (as well as the detailed 3D plans) and are really excited to see the project to completion with Rui's help over the next few months.

  • Remodelação de excelência.

  • Uma excelente equipa, bons profissionais, ideias perfeitas, concretização de projectos sem falha. Muito obrigado Sofia e Rui

  • Criatividade, competência e muito profissionalismo. TOP!!!

  • Excelentes profissionais. Recomendo totalmente.

  • Demonstraram boa capacidade de entender as nossas preferências e desenvolveram o projeto em conformidade. Acomodaram facilmente as nossas sugestões após a primeira versão do projeto. Apresentarambum projeto bastante completo com documentação e simulação de imagens 3D.

  • Estou mais que satisfeito com o Excelente trabalho e Orientação prestada pela Sofia e Rui neste projecto de Arquitectura para a construção da nossa moradia. Muito abertura e capacidade de interiorizar os nossos desejos. Sempre prestáveis e simpáticos. Todas as etapas concretizadas dentro dos prazos estipulados. Muito obrigado à Sofia e ao Rui

  • Atendimento de excelência e grande profissionalismo. Recomendo vivamente!

  • Fantástico atendimento, com resposta muito rápida e com grande qualidade. Recomendo vivamente..

  • Escuta, criatividade e profissionalismo são as palavras que melhor definem para mim o trabalho da SpaceLovers. O Rui soube entender meus desejos e transforma-los em conceitos arquitecturais que foram além das minhas expectativas. O projecto de arquitectura de moradia que iniciamos este ano foi recentemente aprovado pela CM e isso foi possível graças ao profissionalismo e ao rigor técnico da equipe SpaceLovers. Obrigado Rui, estou ansioso de finalizar as especialidades e iniciar o projecto de execução. O caminho ainda é longo mais com a SpaceLovers chagaremos lá.

  • Desde o início que tem sido uma ótima experiência desenvolver o nosso projeto de remodelação de interiores com a Spacelovers. Os prazos das várias fases do processo foram cumpridos e tivemos sempre o apoio e o acompanhamento de que necessitámos para resolver as dúvidas e questões que foram surgindo. O Rui é um excelente profissional sempre disponível para prestar todos os esclarecimentos necessários.

  • Excelente profissionalismo, eficiência e grande conhecimento. Obrigada pela ajuda na remodelação, são excelentes.

  • Sofia and Rui are simply amazing. They are very professional, always respond to your questions, and really care about customer satisfaction. They are very proactive if any doubts arise and explain thoroughly which possible options you have. I would definitely work with them again in my next renovation project and can recommend them without any doubts.

  • Disponibilidade e profissionalismo são as palavras de ordem deste gabinete, pessoas fantásticas na sua liderança com conhecimento fora de série neste mercado, com abertura e compreensão para as ideias que por vezes nesta área são difíceis de passar por parte de clientes exigentes . Sem dúvida alguma profissionais a considerar para o presente e futuro pois o passado foi fantástico e o resultado final superou muitíssimo o pretendido . Publicamente um muito obrigado aos Arquitetos Rui e Sofia.

  • Escolhi a equipa SpaceLovers para um projeto muito especial para mim, a remodelação da minha casa de infância. Logo na primeira reunião, na qual nos conhecemos, senti total confiança no Arqto. Rui, que além do profissionalismo e rigor técnico, sempre revelou imensa disponibilidade, receptividade e muita paciência (obrigada!) para todas as questões que foram surgindo. O Rui sempre foi muito sincero e claro nas suas sugestões e opiniões, que dada a minha inexperiência neste tema, foi dos pontos mais importantes. De destacar não só o gosto impecável, com todas as sugestões feitas a ir ao encontro do pretendido, mas também a preocupação com outros aspectos mais práticos da remodelação, como a garantia do conforto ou de escolhas mais sustentáveis. Ainda a mencionar, a sugestão de algumas alterações mais estruturais, que não pensei serem possíveis, mas que superaram em muito as expectativas que tinha para a obra e que irão beneficiar o espaço. Agradeço imenso todo o vosso empenho neste projecto! Recomendo a 100% a SpaceLovers a quem procure o desenvolvimento de um projeto de arquitetura.

  • Profissionalismo, coerência, capacidade de resposta às necessidades do cliente, flexibilidade, pontualidade, disponibilidade, bom gosto... muito satisfeita com o trabalho da Spacelovers. Não hesitarei em contratar novamente os seus serviços e em recomendá-los a quem precisar de um projecto de Arquitectura.

  • O projeto de renovação do meu apartamento desenvolvido pela Space Lovers, na pessoa do Arqtª Rui Rabaça e da Arqtª Sofia, foi de excelência. O Arqtº Rui Rabaça que foi o meu interlocutor no desenvolvimento e implementação do projeto demonstrou grandes competências, experiência e muito orientado para as necessidades do cliente. Esteve sempre presente com uma disponibilidade total quer na fase de elaboração do projeto quer depois no acompanhamento da obra, sempre com grande sentido critico na análise dos trabalhos que estavam a decorrer, para além de que sempre que foi necessário tinha uma atitude construtiva para procurar soluções alternativas que fossem ao encontro do que o cliente pretendia e sem que isso implicasse custos extra exagerados. Muito obrigado pelo vosso trabalho e disponibilidade, e neste meio onde ninguém se “atravessa” a recomendar empresas para estes projetos, eu certamente irei recomendar-vos.

  • O projecto para remodelação total e profunda do nosso apartamento está excelente. Destaco o profissionalismo, preparação e rigor técnico a todos os níveis, sem prejuízo da disponibilidade e total abertura para a interacção com o cliente, incluindo não só a apresentação de versões iniciais alternativas, mas também a receptividade a ideias de alterações que, através da sua competente e experiente modulação, redundam beneficiadas sempre que tecnicamente viáveis. Acresce a simpatia. Não podíamos estar mais satisfeitos com a nossa escolha.

  • I've been working with SpaceLovers on 3 of my renovations and while the works are not cheap, the projects are well managed and communicated and I'd recommend them. Costs are transparent and they are responsive

  • Um projecto de excelência, com bom gosto, simplicidade e atenção super detalhada às necessidades e gostos do cliente. Resposta super rápida e serviço super bem organizado. Estamos muito contentes com a nossa escolha!

  • Sofia and Rui are incredibly professional and hard working. They are also extremely knowlegeable in their fields and give great advice and insights for projects. They are a great team to work with - highly recommend.