The renovation of apartments is a special challenge for spacelovers. It is an arduous exercise in combining several conditioning factors, which, in our experience, we summarize in:

— existing building system of the building where it is inserted

— the lack of space that is usually seen in apartments

— infrastructure constraints, such as plumbed drains, ventilation, etc.

— degradation of plaster and plasters

— damaged and broken stonework

— infiltrations of coverage for neighbors

— mismatched and poor performance frames

— outdated and cracked coverings and floors

— warped doors with broken hardware

— posting of paintings

— obsolete electrical panels and non-compliant electrical network

— construction pathologies such as condensation

— poor or no ventilation / ventilation

— deficiencies resulting from the natural aging of buildings

— outdated layouts with contemporary living

— absence or infection of shading systems

— lack of storage and organization of compartments

— lack of functionality

These are the most common ingredients, with which the spacelovers team develops its projects and works for the apartment renovations. We try to respond to the concerns of each Project Owner, so that in the end, it is worth the investment. In this way, we provide you with an experience, through which you can make your space unique and satisfy concerns and needs, while establishing care for details and finishes.



The renovation of apartments should not be minimized by their scale.

To intervene in an apartment means, firstly, to understand and know the constructive system of the building in which it is inserted, without which it is not possible to intervene in the fraction. The renovation of apartments must not compromise the structural security of the building, and adaptations of spaces to current requirements must respect the characteristics and construction principles of the original building.

The structural weaknesses in some apartments are due to the demolition of walls that are structural inside. This problem is not only of those who demolished it, but of all owners and surrounding buildings. These are acts that compromise the levels of structural security and cannot happen.

The renovation of apartments can and should promote contemporary living and the updating of the layout. However, the characteristics of each building must dictate the possibilities of intervention and not the other way around, so an interior renovation needs to be taken seriously.

At spacelovers, we adhere to the principle of promoting the desired improvements for spaces, with the perfect notion that the construction times are different and each building in its genesis lacks different ways of acting.



The communication of the execution of works, within each fraction, must be made in advance to the administrator. You must inform the period of the works and the working hours. The collaboration of everyone in a construction situation is important, as this will cause inconvenience to everyone.

You must assure your tenants that the works you are going to carry out are duly licensed works or that are part of works exempt from prior control by the municipalities.

Depending on the content of the works to be carried out, authorization by the joint-owners' meeting may be required and ask the administrator to convene an extraordinary meeting to expose the matter.


Since when renovating apartments, water networks are frequently replaced, it is important to bear in mind the concept that the section between the meter to its fraction (and inside the property) is your responsibility. From the counter panel out to the supply duct, it is the responsibility of the building's condominium. The outward section of the pipeline is the responsibility of the water supplier.

Sometimes the water meters are in the common parts (steps of the stairs) and are not always close to the apartment itself. Which means that there are sections in common parts (at the core of stairs) that are your responsibility. In these cases, intervention on these sections must be authorized by the condominium.