Intervention in the built heritage, through the rehabilitation of buildings is an area of ​​priority action, in order to promote the valorization and dignification of buildings which, due to their architectural characteristics and heritage value, are examples of excellence.

The preservation and restoration of the architectural and urban heritage, are sensitive matters and spacelovers intends to assume a reference role in partnerships and urban rehabilitation actions.

Cities evolve with new construction, but the degradation of the housing stock is still significant and the promotion of rehabilitating old buildings, capable of transforming into contemporary spaces, while not losing its characteristics, is a multidisciplinary work that we are prepared to do .

In addition to the historical and architectural values ​​in question, it should also be noted that the rehabilitation of buildings is an ally of sustainability in construction. The CO2 emission that the complete demolition of the property produces and its subsequent reconstruction is superior to the rehabilitation intervention.

On the other hand, it also presents economic advantages as it reduces the cost of demolitions and the amount of new materials needed to be applied on site.





Spacelovers informs you of all the necessary steps, as well as of the projects and procedures for the legal implementation of your objectives.

First of all, we need to understand the needs of our customers and analyze the existing property.

Rehabilitation is a set of operations designed to allow the reuse of the existing building, adapting it to contemporary requirements, and guaranteeing its identity through coexistence between the original and what results from the rehabilitation intervention itself.

A first approach to this concept, implies a deep knowledge about the traditional construction corresponding to the property in question. The decision to intervene must be based on an analysis of the building, which involves identifying the original construction techniques, traditional materials and respective pathologies. In this way, one is in a position to determine the state of conservation of the building and also what measures are necessary to be taken and included in the set of rehabilitation operations, or even in some cases, of restoration of elements to preserve cultural values.

With the development and coordination of projects by our technical team, the choice of the best solutions, taking into account the price - quality relationship will be a continuous and informed debate.





After the elaboration of the projects, the budget for the execution of the work is reached. Here we provide technical support to the Project Owner, so that the budget is rigorous, phase for the elaborated projects.

With the complete project file, you will be able to request multiple quotes and have the same project as a basis for comparison. In this way, it ensures that the comparison is exactly faithful, since all were based on the same project when they presented the value for the execution of the work.

You should be available to show the place of intervention, because it is important that you have a spatial notion when budgeting.

In preparing the draft contract and negotiating prices, spacelovers can assist the owner of the work and, thus, define his investment in an informed and aware of the options.


The technical monitoring of the work makes it possible to achieve quality standards in the execution of the various civil construction works and control deadlines and costs.

Ensuring the quality of the works according to a given project, it is possible with the presence of the project team on site, as they are able to answer all doubts that arise on site. On the other hand, as it is normal for alterations to occur on site, their presence is important to ensure compatibility with all other parties involved.